Did you know what? Curiosities of Singapore

Traveling the world always you will find curious, striking situations for your habits. These situations that you like to tell everyone to make them understand how far you were House or ever be the center of attention in the boring family reunions. It is likely that last trip you forget the name of that village that you liked so much, del Monte that you uploaded and made you perspire as ever or how put what could be expensive! in Vietnamese. But hardly erases you these memories, they are those that give color to your anecdotes, and you’ll still repeating whenever you ask about that trip you did years ago.

Singapore is a country and a city at a time

If we have to choose a curiosity to begin with, it is that Singapore may be well known in the world, but when we look for it on the map may not see it at first glance. You have to look good, there is small but mighty. With its 710 km2 with the largest surface 191 ° of the ranking of countries, but it managed to be one of the economies most important in the world. To resolve the problem of lack of space, the Government sends to populate lands constantly, creating a terrible impact on the ecosystem. Since 1960, the surface of the country grew by 20% and there are already projects to begin to build underground, up to 38 underground floors. Incredible but true…

If something is known to Singapore in the world is by the amount of fines that imposes. Such is the fame that was made until they sell the souvenirs for tourists describing it as such. Which draws more attention worldwide is the prohibition of consuming gum. Let’s clarify something: what is forbidden is selling it and spit it in the streets, therefore if you carry gum in your backpack and the consumerism as it should (by throwing them into a trash can), you will not be charged as a dealer of gum chewing… (?). It may be that you do not see any police around and want to go live with Singapore, but when you think that you zafabas from the crowd will appear the buchón. It is not a righteous Patriot wanting to you to enforce the law, but one of the many undercover police walking the streets without even so you feel your presence without seeing it.

You can not buy chewing gum, but prostitution is legal…

All laws, that most caught our attention was this. In a country sooo tight we couldn’t believe how prostitution is permitted. Talking to the locals, they told us that the Government decided to take this decision since it is something that will also happen, whether legal or not, then which is better regulated. Prostitutes have to get a license that is renewed every six months after passing a medical check-up. That way, they avoid the spread of disease.

Sadly, Singapore became a destination of luxury prostitution, and the demand increases more than 20% during the Formula 1 night race in September. Rich businessmen who witness the event hired “companions” to make them go through their wives, and have many claims when choosing. That Yes, they are willing to pay up to USD 50,000 for just a few hours.

Other perlite (black) happened this year when he was condemned to three Lebanese referees by agreement of parties in Singapore, the payment was not in cash but in Exchange for expensive prostitutes (read note). If you will be curious…

I, polyglot: the four official languages of Singapore

You already have that if Singapore were female, would be polyglot. As a result of its multiculturalism, the country has four official languages: English, Chinese mandarin, tamil (from southern India) and Malayan. Ah, and not official: the Singlish, a distortion of the English where it mixes with the other three languages, especially with Malay. The Singlish is the casual language used when people do not speak the same native language, but consider it vulgar for formal situations.

If you listen to what they say “lah” after every sentence, or tell you “We go makan” when you want to go out to eat, are experiencing the singlish in first person. It will be not recognized by the Government, but it is a trademark of the country.

A toast, please. Fast and warm!!

Traveling saw many of the famous “vending machines”. In Italy, for example, there is no place wherever you go you not to find one. In Hong Kong, these sympathetic things you sold to umbrella, but have never seen what a like this, which sells you small sandwiches… toasted at the time! As you stated, in Singapore you will never be far away from the food…

Take away, please!

One of the curiosities that more attention in Southeast Asia, is that when you ask a beverage in returnable container to carry, it give you a bag to stay with container. But of course, Singapore is very top and wanted to invent this hybrid way of carrying your drinks. Ideal to leave hanging in the nail of the trees (?) when you do gymnastics.

Let them run…

We thought this was magic, and made us very much according to the hutongs of Beijing. Although the country is highly overpopulated, and air have intolerable amounts of pollution, you can always find a corner where it seems that the world stopped spinning. Both its quiet alleys and beautiful parks. A respite within the hustle and bustle of the big cities…

If handle can be a headache for many, nor tell you in Singapore!

Pucha that life in Singapore is expensive! Rental, education, outputs and of course, keep a car. For example, Singapore patent vehicles have limited the amount of naphtha (fuel) that can be loaded into Malaysia, because many crossed the border into Johor Bahru just to fill the tank and return (1L of Regular cost about $ 1.75 in Singapore while in Malaysia it costs USD 0.59).

The first photo you see below is one of the tolls that it is changing the price according to the schedule that you pass by below. If you do not know well the streets of the city can be that you go through several of them without knowing it!

Red patent in the second photo auto indicates that the vehicle may only circulate on weekends. These naturally pay less patent and are usually more expensive cars that they use everyday.

Did you know that you can ride a gondola in a shopping mall? All Singapore can do…

Addiction by shopping and spend money in any crap thing, leads to extreme points like this. To make your “shopping experience” unique and unforgettable, you can stroll along the Marina Bay Sands shopping nothing more nor less than… on gondola! A walk of 10 minutes watching windows and people will cost USD 8. The climax of the trip arrives when the intrepid gondolier move the boat to the sides, making you feel in a sea storm (understand the irony).

When the Sun heats (I cover my face)…

The obsession with white skin as a role is common in Asia, and of course that this surface Miss which is Singapore could not stay outside the trend. The equation for these lands says that tanned skin = work under the Sun = low class. Without any shame, mothers showed us photos of their children and told us “it is not very nice, it’s too dark”. That is why, in addition to the endless variety of bleaching creams that are made every night before going to sleep, women will always walk with an umbrella to cover the Sun. Precisely the opposite of what happens at home. Customs like this make us remember that we are on the other side of the world.

HDB, where lives the people

While Singapore is famous for its quality of life and is the country with the 4th highest GDP per capita in the world, very few are those who can afford the luxury of living in a House, not even in a condominium. For those who do not are Eduardo Saverin (co-founder of Facebook who lives in Singapore) are little elegant squares of cement known as HDB (House Development Board), the solution to the problems of space given by the Government for now. But unlike other countries, live in these public buildings is not considered a sign of poverty, if we would not say that 85% of the country is poor and nothing further from the truth. The center of the city remain as prohibitive as living in a luxury condominium on the outskirts, that most live in neighborhoods such as Woodlands, Tampines and Bukit Merah, Geylang.

The complexes have almost everything you need to avoid having to go to the center of the city. There are schools, hospitals, playgrounds of food, supermarkets, sports facilities, parks, etc.

Parking lots for bicycles from two floors!

If there is something that characterizes the country is lack of space. All its parking lots are multi-storey… up to the bikes!

Sending items to more than…

Much of the country’s population is of Chinese origin. As such, the tradition says that every year must send objects that families may need in the twilight. How do they do it? Don’t miss

All together against crime

Without a doubt, Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, but nothing of rest on the laurels. During our visit in 2009 could participate in the campaign “Low crime doesn’t mean no crime” and at present put these posters in places where a crime was committed to alert the neighbors.

And for you, what was the most curious of your trip to Singapore? Did you see any similar curiosity in other travel? What most catches your attention when you travel? How many questions! In the comments you can express at your leisure…

What is it that makes Singapore a so different destination in the Asian

Singapore gets offers the best of Asia at the same time maintaining Western traits that give both comfort and security to many travelers who want to get to know this region of the globe, but who are afraid to face difficulties of communication, power and transportation.

In one place, it is possible to find the best that West and East offer a cosy giving all the support needed for tourists to venture into a new destination.

What is it that makes Singapore a so different destination in the Asian context and the ideal gateway for which you want to venture into other corners of the huge Asian continent?

Forget about problems with the language. English is one of the official languages of Singapore and the majority of its population gets to communicate using that language. That is why it is easier to ask for information, understanding menus and regional food and interact with locals.
Multiple destinations in one only. With a population consisting mainly of Chinese, Indians and Malays, as well as many foreign (Western and Asian) who live and work in the City-State, Singapore offers the possibility of entering into contact with a huge ethnic and cultural diversity. Spend the morning in a hindu neighborhood, the afternoon in a neighborhood of strong Muslim influence and overnight in another where they keep the Chinese roots, all while continuing to speak English, is priceless.

The gastrononomia, national sport. In few places of the world is possible to enter in contact with so much diversity culinary. Western haute cuisine and Pan-Asian, passing through the streets of feed and food on the street, Singapore offers options for all tastes and pockets. Eating is a national sport that in the majority of cases does not spend a fortune on the pleasures of the table. For which les like Asia but still not is have adapted to the food of this part of the globe, Singapore offers many options Western, including the main chains U.S. of food fast.
Security. Day or night, Singapore is one of the world’s safest cities/countries. No need to pretend that you are not a tourist to scare away unwanted encounters. Taking the universal basic care, enjoy in Singapore of a trip without any stress.
Quiet journeys. The city offers a number of options of public transport (metro, bus, water taxis and taxis) efficient, cheap and whose operation is easy to understand.

Who said that in Asia, there is no cleaning and hygiene? Singapore, like Japan, stand out for its cleanliness and concern with hygiene in various aspects of everyday life, including the street food control. For example, Singapore gets to have the cleanest on the planet hindu neighborhood without losing culture, aromas and hustle and bustle of the India.
A destination for all. No matter if you travel in first class or backpack, if you are looking for a romantic destination or travelling with family and children. Singapore offers attractions, meals and accommodation for all profiles. No matter what the style, there is a Singapore that goes with you.
A great metropolis that reinvents itself all day without ceasing to be green. No matter how many times you have been in Singapore, there will always be something new or some corner to explore the next time you visit it. The city not to grow and add more tour options, without ever losing the Green that dominates its streets, parks and gardens.
A basis to move forward. In addition to being an excellent place to adapt to the new time zone and be introduced to new destinations, Singapore has one of the best (if not the best) airport in the world, the Changi, with numerous options for flights to destinations in India, Southeast Asia, and even the North of Asia. With a medicine of high level, the city is presented as the best base to explore the rest of Asia.
Support the tourist. Either travel in group or independently, on a business or leisure trip, the authorities of tourism of Singapore (the STB, Singapore Tourism Board) and Changi Airport performed constantly initiatives to support the tourist. Going to find information of quality and a care personal that are fruits of a work seriously oriented to offer you to the tourist which need. And to facilitate still more life, Singapore does not require visa for visitors as tourists. With your Passport is sufficient.

Why Become a Real Estate Investor

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In the current economy, we’d all prefer to cushion the blow of monetary difficulties. You will find individuals who enter into Real Estate Investment hoping of creating some fast cash due to the hefty amount of cash that they’ll get following rentals are being offered. However, as being a Property Investor means getting a company that you will find nurtured and thoroughly viewed over. In most cases, that process will require years. If that’s the situation, why be a property investor?

Even though this premise doesn’t come immediately, this is certainly a primary reason that many people consider. It is a fact that you could make greater than your usual salary even though it takes effort and time. In return for this, your talent and also the different factors of the personality and management are honed. The achievement that can be done is well past that within the four corners of the office. The fulfillment is of the greater level too.

You’re Your Personal Boss

If you’re fed up with a job and also enhance your finances, you will want into real estate business. As with every business, it needs to be carefully looked out for and will need lots of your time and effort. Consider you’ll financial, managing on your own is the finest task that you’ll encounter. Which means that the company relies greatly on how you manage yourself.

Financial Stability

The amazing changes on the market today provide you with no security you have your work tomorrow. Even though this proposal does not necessarily mean you need to quit before you lose it, it is advisable to possess a fall in situation tips over. In the current every-altering world, versatility is paramount. Understanding how to complete several factors is essential because who knows when that may collapse. Being involved with a venture that will help you to get from your safe place and take a risk means smashing the limitations set by traditions. Discuss financial freedom.

Lengthy-term Security

The great factor about Real Estate Investment is always that even though the rentals are not offered for any certain period, you’re quite certain it appraises with time. The price of maintenance is simply a fraction when compared to growing worth of neglect the. Regardless of whether you first got it offered immediately or otherwise, it’s in either case, victory-win situation. Not receiving it immediately means letting that cash grow later on picking when it’s ripe. Simultaneously, purchasing numerous houses that you could lease may also spell a regular flow of earnings each month.

Putting your hard earned money where it ought to take meticulous planning and thorough research before delving into any venture and coming to a decision. Although there are specific repercussions in link with your judgment, this ought to be tempered and supported with details that you could base from. As being a Property, Investor provides you with control not only out of your finances, however, it provide you with control of your future helping you will get financial stability.